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Gerald Barber Awardees

Gerald Barber was one of our first Field Managers, had worked with the Peace Corps, and was always looking for ways to "give back".  Everyone liked Gerald.  His good nature always made those he dealt with feel at ease and he set an example for others to follow with his positive outlook. We created the Gerald Barber “Customer Service” Award to honor his memory by recognizing those who similarly create and foster a positive atmosphere within the project. 

WSP USA Inspection Services bestows this award to one or more individuals who best embody the qualities exhibited by Gerald throughout his lifetime.

Those successful customer service qualities include:

  • Keeping your cool while responding to stressful situations.
  • It has been said that you can hear a smile. The opposite is also true.
  • Focusing on providing win-win outcomes. Kindness doesn’t cost anything.
  • Going out of your way to help someone address an issue or concern.
  • Honoring your commitments. The message is simple: When you promise something, deliver it!


Greg Reynolds

Previous Recipients

  • 2020 — Lori Drake
  • 2019 — Mario Sorani
  • 2018 — Paul Tavares
  • 2017 — Sheri Nichols
  • 2016 — Brent Collins
  • 2015 — Dawn Buckley
  • 2014 — Bill Minor


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