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Our core values are the ideals and principles that lie at the heart of our project.  These values are the foundation upon which we achieve success.

Do these core values represent your character?  WSP USA Inspection Services is seeking caring individuals who are committed to the well-being and success of others.  Are you enthusiastic?  Do you have a strong work ethic?  Are you honest?  Do you take pride in delivering the highest quality work and client care?   Do you enjoy working with a dynamic team in a fast-paced environment?   Then consider becoming a FEMA Disaster Housing Inspector and joining our team.

How We Achieve Success

We are caring

  • We recognize the impact our business can have on the environment and are diligent that sustainable principles are woven into all that we do
  • We are socially responsible and have a positive impact on our communities
  • We pay attention to the needs of our clients and we are supportive of each other
  • We strive to understand others through active listening and collaborative dialogue that seeks input and suggestions
  • We diligently ensure that sustainable principles are woven into all that we do
  • We make health and safety a priority

We are united

  • We mentor and teach each other so that clients gain from our collective experience
  • We operate seamlessly in the service of our clients and our support for one another

We are passionate

  • We exude a high level of energy in everything we do which inspires others and allows us to enjoy the journey together
  • We continually look for ways to improve - the services we provide, our client relationships, the engagement of our people, and our efficiency
  • We take great pride in delivering the highest quality work and client care
  • We have a positive attitude and we flourish in an inspiring and enjoyable atmosphere

We are trustworthy

  • We are honest, ethical, and candid in how we operate and actively cooperate with each other
  • We act with integrity, keep our word, and treat others with fairness and respect
  • We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and follow through on our commitments
  • We empower others and we feel empowered

We are innovative

  • We have a natural curiosity and maintain an open environment that encourages the exploration of new ideas
  • We are problem solvers and create solutions that enable success both today and in the future
  • We creatively apply new and existing technologies to provide our clients with commercial advantage
  • We challenge the status quo and encourage and valuate informed initiative-taking


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