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Elevating Customer Service to New Heights: WSP Inspector Gloria Bork Commended in DR4757 MI

In a commendable display of dedication to FEMA's strategic priority to ensure that every disaster survivor has the high-quality customer service experience they want and need, inspector Gloria Bork recently received high praise for her outstanding performance. This commendation, displayed below, not only reflects the inspector's commitment to excellence but also embodies FEMA's customer service philosophy:

“Hi, my name is Stephen [redacted]. 

I recently filed a claim with FEMA. I was absolutely blown away by the entire a very good way.  First of all, between filing my claim and receiving funds was beyond my expectations. It was fast and communication was incredible! I was impressed with the process.

Secondly, I need to recognize your employee, Gloria Bork (P93823). Her customer service and professionalism are second to none. She immediately contacted me to set up an appointment. I was out of town for work and missed her calls. She kept calling and texting me to ensure I received the information. She worked around my schedule to set up an inspection...on Saturday morning! She worked around my schedule to ensure the assessment was completed within 3 days of my application. She communicated with me the entire time. She arrived on time, was thorough, kind, and extremely professional. She made me feel comfortable and kept me in the loop with the process. Because of her, I have such a positive outlook with FEMA and WSP. 

Please, if you don't mind, will you do your best to publicly recognize her hard work and dedication to her position? Gloria absolutely deserves commendation. She takes her job seriously and proved it with her actions. She is truly a wonderful human being. 

If you need anything for me, please reach out anytime. Thank you!

Stephen [redacted]”

The Individuals and Households Program has long been focused on addressing tangible needs such as damaged homes, personal property, and vehicles. However, WSP is committed to supporting the program’s shift towards prioritizing the disaster survivors themselves, ensuring they receive the care and attention they deserve during times of crisis.

Gloria went above and beyond during this inspection, providing not only a thorough assessment of the property but also offering essential information and guidance to the applicant. This demonstrates the crucial role inspectors play in informing survivors of their progress in the application process and what steps to expect next.

This commendation serves as a reminder of the invaluable contribution that inspectors make to the Individuals and Households Program and highlights the ongoing evolution towards a more people-centric approach in disaster recovery efforts. WSP is proud to have inspectors who embody these principles and are dedicated to providing exceptional service to those in need.

Please join us in recognizing Gloria for this exemplary performance and her many years of valued service.



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