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Beth Mortimer Awardees

Elizabeth Claire Mortimer was involved in every aspect of disaster work even before the creation of FEMA. Her tireless dedication set a standard of excellence that all should aspire to achieve. We created the Beth Mortimer “Extra Mile” Award to honor her legacy by recognizing individuals who similarly give their heart and soul to the profession she so dearly loved.

WSP USA Inspection Services bestows this award to an individual inspector who best embodies the attributes exhibited by Beth throughout her career in disaster services.

These attributes include:

  • Providing the highest level of customer service
  • A consistent emphasis on performing quality inspections
  • A willingness to assist applicants as well as other inspectors
  • A positive and caring attitude in every assignment
  • A creative and dedicated approach to getting the job done
  • Regularly exceeding expected performance requirements
  • Exhibiting the highest standards of integrity and character

2022 – Jennifer Wolfe

Jennifer Wolfe

Previous Recipients

  • 2021 — Greg Reynolds
  • 2020 — Tina Mahaffy
  • 2019 — Oswald (Ozzie) Szunko
  • 2018 — Mark Simons
  • 2017 — Martin Harris
  • 2016 — Charles Wade Yancey
  • 2015 — Paula St. John
  • 2014 — Adrian Ashburn
  • 2013 — Tom Myers
  • 2012 — Glenn Scarborough
  • 2011 — Bob Harris
  • 2010 — Wayne Mattair
  • 2009 — David Podolsky
  • 2008 — Mark Parr


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